Friday, January 11, 2013

Whole30 Update: Days #7 and #8

Wow, I can't believe I've been doing the Whole30 for over a week!!

HAHA! Yes I freakin' CAN believe it!!! I've gone through just about every craving I could possibly through, and my tummy has had quite the time trying to acclimate to my drastic diet change.

However, the pros have totally outweighed the cons this week. I've had more energy (except for the last couple days, but I don't think that's the food's fault). I'm not starving! I eat about twice a day, with a couple of snacks (I'll probably cut out the evening snack, though). What makes me the most excited, however, is that IM ONLY ON DAY 8!! I can hardly believe that I've only Whole30-ing it for 8 days and am already experiencing these results!

Now for some pics!!

The first is a picture of this great brand of local, wild-caught shrimp that I bought on sale from Food Lion for $7.99!! If you know anything about wild-caught shrimp, you know that's a steal!

The next is a pic of my lunch a couple days ago - Okra and Sausage Sauté. It's something my Dad used to eat while he was doing the Adkins Diet, and I would always gobble up his leftovers :) This simple dish is only sausage ( I used some INSANELY good pork kielbasa from my CSA), frozen okra and some celery for a bit of crunch!

For dinner last night, I made a huge Chicken Cobb Salad (sans bleu cheese, of course). In preparation for the salad's dressing, the Hubby and I made our first Mayonnaise!! We, like everyone else, we needing up with something the consistency of salad dressing, i.e a soupy, but tasty, mess. Then I had the idea of making a sort of avocado ranch dressing from not-quite-mayo. I simply put half of the mayo mixture, some lemon juice, and 1/4 an avocado into the blender. Then, BOOM!! I had actual, thick, spreadable, scrumptious MAYO!!! It was perfect!! So for all of you who are about to give up on making your own mayo, just add avocado!

The last pic is of my dinner tonight! It was a dreary day here in my hometown, which means the perfect night for soup! I made a quick Chicken and Veal Curry Soup! Why chicken AND veal? Because I had a little veal meat that came off of my broth bones in the freezer :) One of my new favorite things is Trader Joe's canned coconut cream. It's perfect for making any soup creamy and delicious if you are lactose intolerant or refraining from dairy.

So that's all I got for today! This weekend I'll post some recipes that have served me well during my first week of the Whole30 program.



  1. Congrats on getting to day 8 on Whole30! You are a rock star in my book. I just love dairy and I rely on it so much for my fat in my diet. I know you got this and I can wait to see the changes in 22 days.

    1. Sheesh! Well thank you! I surely don't feel like a rock star right about now...but I'm looking forward to meeting my day #30 self, too :)