Tuesday, February 5, 2013


     That's right, folks! My Hubby and I completed our Whole30 experience on Friday, which meant this weekend was a celebration of that accomplishment!  Guess how the celebration began??


     I got up Saturday morning and headed to Meg Berg's "Zumba Fabulous" zumba class! It was 50 minutes of dancing and then 10 minutes of ab work. The saddest part was that I was probably one of two women still in my twenties, and I simply could not keep up!! I just knew I was about to pass out after just 10 minutes of dancing! But I didn't quit, I would just bring my intensity level down and kept moving. The awesome thing is that I felt great after the class was over! I was energized and alert and ready for the day!  I also had one of these waiting in the car for me...

     CHOCOLATE!!! I had a little square on my way home while I blasted Sam Sparro's "Happiness" and bopped like a fool!  Once I got home, Hubby and I prepared our brunch - Churros and Cheesy Scrambled Eggs. YUM!!  Every single bit was delicious!  All of my treats truly tasted like treats!

     After brunch, Hubby and I took our "after" pictures, and I honestly couldn't believe the changes in our bodies. I have lost about 10 lbs and could really see the difference in my face and upper body. Hubby lost about 20 lbs and looks incredible! Even if I didn't reap one benefit in my own body from the Whole30, seeing the changes that have taken place in my husband still would've made the process worth it.  He's happier, more energized, more focus, and overall healthier! It's truly a blessing.

     I must skip ahead a little and share what we did on Sunday, because it was awesome! Sunday morning (late), we got up and went to a restaurant called Poole's Diner for brunch with friends. This place is one of our FAVORITE restaurants in the area and a major treat for us. Here is the menu for that morning:

     Yes, that's a real chalkboard. Poole's menus change daily, so they write them on chalkboards all over the tiny restaurant instead of printing paper menus!  But don't think this place is some greasy spoon! Ashley Christensen, the head chef and owner, has been on multiple cooking shows - including Iron Chef America - and has won multiple culinary awards.  She is a true artist and her food speaks for itself. Here's one of her specialties and something I got to enjoy on Sunday:

     Poole's has the best Mac & Cheese in town! It's gooey and custardy, the macaroni is cooked perfectly, and I crusty top makes my eyes roll! Thankfully, we shared this delectable beauty among four people. But you better believe there wasn't a noodle left!

     The great thing about going downtown is that everything that you need is within walking distance. We were all able to work off a bit of sugar during our walk to a local bar, where we had a couple drinks and talked...and talked and talked! How wonderful! No schedule, just quality time. I love friends like that :)  Soon, however, we had to leave the bar due to a staff party they were preparing for, so one friend suggest we go to a ritzy Mexican restaurant called Jibarra.  This place was beautiful!  The owner (who apparently goes way back with one of friends we were with that day) was a sweet, generous man, and he prepared some delicious snacks to go along with our drinks. One of those snacks was a lovely Tilapia and Scallop Ceviche. OHHH MY GOODNESS!!! I cannot tell you how fresh and amazing it tasted! If that wasn't enough, the owner then brings each of us one of these...

     I honestly can't even tell you what this thing was called, because the chef just made it up!! But it was similar to a tostada, Asian style. There was shredded beef with bulgogi sauce on the bottom, tomatoes and purple cabbage, then a cool mayo and shiracha sauce on top with some black sesame seeds.  Can you say FLAVOR EXPLOSION!! I was truly blown away by the artistry of that beautiful little dish.

     In conclusion - Sunday was a very satisfying ending to an incredible experience. The food was great, and the company was even better!  If I was still eating the way I was, Sunday wouldn't have been nearly as special as it should have been. So I look forward to making good choices 80 percent of the time, so that the 20 percent can be decadent and memorable.


  1. Oh that mac and cheese looks amazing! It's all about find what works for you and congrats to both you and your hubby on your weight loss!

    1. Thanks, Kelly!! I'm rooting you on from the East Coast on your journey :)