Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lemon Twist Oreos!!

When I received my weekly ad for the local Food Lion, I made a ground-breaking discovery. Oreos' new flavor is...wait for it... LEMON TWIST!!!

Think lemon girl scout cookies and you've nailed the flavor. They are absolutely delicious! As far as I know, these are exclusively sold at Food Lion. So go out and get your cookies today!


  1. sooo Jealous because we dont have a food lion out here

    1. OMG, Raquael! I can't believe I'm just now seeing your comment! I'm definitely an amateur at this blogging thing!

      Yes, the oreos are rediculously good! Unfortunately, it'll be a long while before I get to enjoy these delicious cookies again... I'm dieting :( But good things are happening already, so it's worth it!

      Happy New Year and thanks so much for dropping by!

  2. I found them here and they had 6 packs left so I snagged them up